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Re: pkgsrc problem

From: walt <wa1ter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 15:54:17 -0700

topet wrote:

...im having problems compiling xorg in my pkgsrc, some xorg* pkgs seem
to install just fine but im having probs with others...

The solution depends on what your goals are, and what your skills are.

I speculated in another thread that you are coming from NetBSD -- am I
correct?  And maybe you already use pkgsrc on NetBSD, and that is why
you want to use pkgsrc on DragonFly?  (I'm just guessing ;o)

If you are not an experienced programmer then your solution is to use
the FreeBSD 'ports' combined with the DragonFly 'dfports' system.  This
is because there is already a working xorg available under that system.
I am using it now, in fact.

If you have some programming experience and you want to help with the
transfer from the FreeBSD 'ports' system to the NetBSD 'pkgsrc' system,
then your help would be very welcome.  You could start by modifying the
patches in /usr/dfports/x11* for use with the pkgsrc project.  This is
not a trivial task, or I would have done it already ;o)

If any of this is confusing then please ask more questions!

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