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Re: cvsup mirror and a couple DragonFly issues

From: Michael Schuh <michael.schuh@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 11:11:49 +0200


i had equal problems aftre running DragonFly Release 1.2.
i think this come (may be) from bad hardware-acpi-implementations.
but i was not an specialist...nor an dragonfly programmer (only a user)

after a reboot my third disk was not found, if i made an
hard-reset or power-off/on so it was all normally.



15 Jun 2005 02:22:07 GMT, Jeff Blank <jb000002@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to set up a DFly cvsup mirror but not having much luck.
> This is on a FreeBSD 5 box using the cvsup-mirror port, already
> successfully mirroring FreeBSD.  I'm doing ok (I think) at getting the
> CVS collections, but getting cvsupd to serve out the DFly collections
> isn't working quite as well (ok, isn't working at all).  What I've
> done to mirror DFly is essentially to copy the supfile, config.sh, and
> update.sh generated by the port to a different directory and run new
> update.sh script.  But cvsupd can't seem to find the DFly collections.
> I'm starting to think that maybe just trashing what I've done (except
> for the CVS files I've mirrored, of course) and starting over might be
> the best thing at this point.  Can anyone supply me a clue?  Maybe a
> supfile and a cvsup command line would do the trick.  I'm grateful for
> any help, and I wouldn't mind setting up a public CVSup/CVSWeb server
> at a well-connected US site eventually if I can get this working.
> Moving on to my actual DFly installation and problems/questions now...
> I ran 1.2.2-RELEASE from a few days ago until yesterday, when I
> upgraded to 1.3-Stable.  Neither one would beep through the onboard
> speaker.  I read in the archives that one needed 'options TIMER_USE_1'
> at one time and that it would be fixed shortly (last September).
> Should I still need that option, or could something else be the
> problem?  I'm running an otherwise-generic kernel with
> options SMP
> options APIC_IO
> device pcm
> Often when I boot DFly (primary OS on this computer is FreeBSD
> 5.4-STABLE), the boot process freezes right after
> SMP: AP CPU #1 Launched!
> When it doesn't freeze, the kernel next goes looking for disks and
> often says
> ad0: timeout waiting for interrupt
> before displaying the ad0 and ad1 information.  If it matters, ad0 is
> FreeBSD, and ad1 is DFly.  I think this may have happened once with
> 1.2.2, but it happens a lot with 1.3 (DragonFly_Stable as of
> yesterday).  (Never happens with FreeBSD.)  Is this anything like a
> known problem?  Is there anything I can do to get more information
> from my system about what's going on?
> I appreciate any help anyone can offer and will gladly provide more
> information if needed.  I tried to think of everything but haven't had
> too much experience with new operating systems and so haven't
> encountered a lot of problems. =)
> Jeff

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