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Re: Pentium D 820 and DragonFly

From: Peter Hessler <phessler@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 16:54:08 -0700

On 22 Jun 2005 08:55:22 +1000
John Duncan <agley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

: Hi,
:    It is time I got a new computer. The Pentium D 820 seems the only
:    reasonably priced dual-core chip though the chip sets it runs on
:    aren't supported yet.
:    My question is about the Digital Transmission Copyright Protection
:    and other DRM being built into these boards. Does anyone have any
:    information about whether these protections will interfere with
:    running non-Microsoft operating systems e.g. DragonFly on these
:    boards ?
:    I have looked around but the disclosed facts don't seem to go into
:    this detail. I have no problem with these protections existing on a
:    board I own as long as they work at a level that does not interfere
:    with the operating system or network stack ; or alternatively can
: be turned off in the bios even if this disables access to some
: content.
:                               Thanks for any information,
:                                    John Duncan

They are basicly like devices.  They don't do squat unless you activate
them.  And when they are activated, they just do what the OS tells them.

Of course, YMMV, FYI, IANAL, OMGWTFBBQ, caveat empor, offer valid in 49
states, etc, etc.

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