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Re: Cardbus notes

From: Tim Darby <t-df@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 01 Jan 2006 13:06:11 -0700

Matthew Dillon wrote:

:Then I tried removing the card and re-inserting it and that seemed to :work (cool!), but is the line "last message repeated 153862 times" (see :below) really right?

   dhclient manages DHCP for the interface.  It usually sticks around
   in the background in order to keep the lease renewed.

   It sounds like the dhclient program is going into a tight loop
   logging errors after you pulled the card.  That is definitely a bug.  It's
   probably eating cpu.  Do a 'top' or 'systat -vm 1' to see.  You
   can kill dhclient manually with something like 'killall -9 dhclient'.

Hmm. Probably the best fix is to have dhclient exit when it gets a
device not configured error, since that means the device was pulled.


Yep, 'top' shows that dhclient is averaging about 60 - 70 percent CPU with syslogd consuming the rest.


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