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cdrecord: no SCSI transport, but SCSI burner!

From: Antonio Bravo <tonio@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 06 Jan 2006 11:29:08 GMT

Hi there,

I've installed a 1.4RC2 release which is working fine, and I'm building
packages with the lastest pkgsrc.
Among them, cdrecord.
It's on a box SCSIed with an Adaptec 2940-U connecting these SCSI CD/DVD
HP 9200+ CDROM burner 0,5,0
Pioneer DVD-304 reader 0,6,0

My custom kernel with ahc support, and all the needed SCSI access drivers
(scbus, da, cd, pass) works fine.
The hardware configuration is old and good working, and I can burn CDROMs
with the HP & cdrecord on every OS I use on it (Solaris, UniXWare, NetBSD,
OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Linux, WinNT, etc).

Ok, on DF-1.4RC2, I've build cdrecord from pkgsrc, but get the "no local SCSI
transport implementation for this architecture" message when issuing a:

cdrecord -scanbus

of course "cdrecord -dev=0,5,0" doesn't work.There's no SCSI recognition at all.
So far, the CAM subsystem appears in good order.

"camcontrol devlist" shows:
HP CD-Writer+ 9200  	at scbus0 target 5 lun 0 (pass0,cd0)
PIONEER DVD-304		at scbus0 target 6 lun 0 (pass1,cd1)

I've build cdrecord "by hand", with Schily's smake, and no better luck...
I tried cdrdao from pkgsrc, and it works:

"cdrdao scanbus" returns:
Using libscg version 'schily-0.8'
0,5,0 : HP	, CD-Writer+ 9200 
0,6,0 : PIONEER , DVD-304

All the cdrdao commands do work, and therefore I can still burn ISO mastered
files (mkisofs) via a simple TOC description:

DATAFILE "foo.iso"

and: "cdrdao write --device 0,5,0 TOC"

Few monthes ago I was using dfly-1.2 quite much over a short period of time
with homebrew packages and I believe cdrecord was working fine.
Anyway, I'll try to look inside that if I get some time, but I'm curious to
know if others got the same weirdness.
I mean both cdrdao and cdrecord do use the same layer to talk SCSI: Schily's
libscg and the (bus,target,lun) naming scheme.(there's no raw device like 
/dev/rcd0d on dfly...). So? 

"Men alt dette er ikke begyndelsen." - Knut HAMSUN, Mysterier, 1892

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