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DF-1.4.0 binary packages (kde, etc) availables

From: Antonio Bravo <tonio@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2006 16:25:17 +0000


I have been getting my hands at the last DF release, which I found quite
stable and useable.To get a better idea I've been building binary packages
from pkgsrc.
Short paragraph about the setting (read first: main

and the packages:

What you get which isnt' already in the GoBSD.com/pkgsrc/ repository for
DF-1.3.7 are things like:

--> KDE 3.5 (libs +base)
--> Quanta/Kdewebdev 3.5
--> Gnumeric 1.6.1
--> Abiword, Lyx (xforms), Emacs
--> gftp, etherape, Gaim, GnomeICU, Gpa, Seahorse 
Gnome 2.12 isn't completely build because I haven't made my mind about how
to patch libgtop2, which is needed by control-center and other few things.
--> Gtkam, Gthumb
--> GMplayer, Dvdrip, Grip (wip pkgsrc)
--> CUPS
--> Afterstep, Fvwm2-themes
--> wxWidgets and python bindings

I'm still slowly building packages.
And well, I feel a desktop very stable and useable for most taskes.
Maybe these packages can be of interest to others.

"Men alt dette er ikke begyndelsen." - Knut HAMSUN, Mysterier, 1892

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