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Re: Would DF welcome a phpbb forum?

To: elekktretterr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From: Raphael Marmier <raphael@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 00:37:19 +0100

if, like me, you don't like mailing lists flooding your mailbox, you'll be glad to learn that those same mailing list are bridged to a nntp server: nntp.dragonflybsd.org

just subscribe, no need for tedious login, signup, etc... much more convenient than a those forum web app IMHO, despite it being "15 years old tech".



elekktretterr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Indeed, it would be like users@, but consider:

1) In what way can you order threads in a mailing list? If we had a
web-based forum we could easilly have stuff related to hardware in one
forum, multimedia in another, pkgsrc in another etc., we could even have a
forum for non df-related stuff. Sure, you can make more mailing lists,
2) Assume that DF is going to gain much bigger popularity, im not talking
about hundreds of users like now, im talking about thousands. Can you
imagine users@ with 10x (or even more) people posting one over another all
different stuff? Thats confusion! You arent going to attract people to DF
with a mailing list like that.
3) When users want to ask questions to another users, whats easier than
sign up, log in and make a new thread and discuss whatever you wish.
Sorry, but a mailing list might have been a hype of 15 years ago when
people had a 14.4kbps dialup connection to the internet or even less, but
today? Sure its easy to open up evolution or mutt and send mails to
users@, but is this attractive to new users coming over over from Linux
and *BSD? The guy that wrote the review of DF 1.4 on Distrowatch was
correct when he said that DF is for hardcore geeks, because only geeks
like us would bother mailing questions to users@ today in 2006 when pretty
much every project that is trying to make it somewhere far has a proper
forum that suits the age (and for a reason!)

Dont take this as bashing please, i really _like_ what you guys are doing
in the software section. Im just trying to help out.


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