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Re: UTF-8 & german keyboard

From: Oliver Fromme <check+ivv57e00rsd84fzu@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 09 Mar 2006 14:13:21 GMT

This is a late reply, but better late than never.  ;-)

Matthias-Christian Ott <matthias.christian@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
 > I'm new to DragonFly, I have several Problem with my keyboard. My
 > preferred locale is en_GB.UTF-8 and I want to use UTF-8 as the input
 > charset (vi, etc.), but it doesn't work . Some special characters
 > (german umlaute) and e.g. the at character aren't recognised by
 > the console and xorg (including urxvt), with en_GB.UTF-8 -- with
 > LC_CTYPE_DE.ISO8859-1 everything works. How can I use en_GB.UTF-8 and
 > type UTF-8 texts?

Syscons does not support multi-byte character encodings, so
you cannot use UTF-8 or any other unicode encoding natively
on the VGA text console.

I recommend you use ISO8859-1 or -ISO8859-15.

Best regards

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