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Re: mouse in serial corrupts boot loaders

From: Eugene <communique@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2006 16:48:36 +0200

Francis Gudin wrote:

On 10-03-2006, Jeremy C. Reed <reed@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have a mouse plugged into my serial. (The mouse works with moused
and provides a working sysmouse for X11 on DragonFly.)

Showed garbage


Unplugging mouse and typing "boot" does work.


this is intended behaviour (i.e. a feature, not a bug): cf. the FAQ list
on the Wiki, question 5.

This sounds like "known bug is a feature".

Some time ago (13.02.06, post "bootloader problem") I've asked about this behavior.
Thanks to Simon Schubert, he pointed me that this was a problem with the attached serial mouse. But some time later I found two rather old machines and took a look on how do they boot. The picture is: if there is a serial mouse and the bootloader problem occur, one can remove that mouse and there will be no loader problem. But some machines boot with the attached mouse with no problem.

The question is, if there is a possibility to leave "boot.config" default and [possibly] configure hardware, may be with BIOS setup?
Sorry, I've never seen a loader sources with my own eyes.
Sorry for my poor English.

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