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Re: pkgsrc bind9 still trying to run base bind

From: Adrian Michael Nida <nida@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 14:27:55 -0400

On Mon, 2006-04-24 at 18:45 +0100, Mark Cullen wrote:
> I'm probably missing something really obvious here but I can't figure it 
> out.
> I installed bind9 from pkgsrc, copied the rc script to /usr/pkg/etc/rc.d 
> and added:
> named="NO"
> named9="YES"
> to /etc/rc.conf. However, when I run the rc script it's apparently still 
> trying to run the base named (v9.2.4 as opposed to pkgsrc's 9.3.1) 
> according to the output from /var/log/messages:
> Apr 26 15:37:51 df named[40012]: starting BIND 9.2.4rc4 -u named -t 
> /etc/namedb
> Can anyone point me in the right direction / spot if I have done 
> anything wrong?
> Apologies for all the noise I am making here :-)

Do you need to change your PATH environment variable so that the pkgsrc
executable gets picked up before the one in base?

Just a thought,


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