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Re: 80211 patch3 (to be committed)

From: Andrew Thompson <andrew@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 7 May 2006 23:14:55 -0400
Mail-followup-to: users@crater.dragonflybsd.org

On Sun, May 07, 2006 at 10:51:54PM -0400, Sepherosa Ziehau wrote:
> Is ath_hal loaded?
> Please give me the output on console, when if_ath and ath_rate refuse
> to be loaded.  That will be helpful.
They load fine if I kldload them manually once the system is booted, but they
won't load if specified in loader.conf.

> If you have time, please do following:
> 1) untar the clean PREVIEW source
> 2) apply the cbb patch first
> 3) apply the 80211 patch then
> 4) use GENERIC to build kernel
> See whether the kernel from 4) works for you (both ath and dc).
> If it works then:
> 5) use customized kernel config to build kernel

Aside from step 4 this is what I've done... I'll try to build GENERIC tomorrow,
until then here's my current config file:
http://www.cataclysm-software.net/vag/dfly/LAPTOP maybe you can spot some crazy
thing I messed up...


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