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Re: Any serious production servers yet?

From: Dave Hayes <dave@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2006 13:50:02 -0700

Sascha Wildner <saw@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
> Is this going to be another of those half-yearly "Danial vs. the rest" 
> threads?
. ..
> P.S. All others: Just dig the archives for past threads of DT.

Without dismissing or embracing your historical evidence, I think
there is a point he hasn't clearly expressed which may or may not need
to be addressed. ( I could be wrong here, and I'm sure I will be
corrected if I am. ) So let me give it a shot. 

The only reason I've been able to get DragonFly to work for me in
"userland" situations (my most recent example: a pf firewall for my
mom) is the extensive experience I have. Even then, I've had to go
running to the lists to get clarification on a number of items.  There
is no single clear howto on how to get Pkgsrc up and running (granted
the wiki has been down), the handbook seems to be mostly a port from
the FreeBSD handbook, and so on.

I don't agree with thinking like a marketeer, and I'm happy people on
this project (especially Matt) think like engineers. Nevertheless it
seems to me that the barrier to entry for novice users to DragonFly
could be lowered considerably with a small amount of effort. I would
assume the best place for a focused effort is in the documentaiton.

So. What would it take to have a simple and concise set of commands
any inexperienced adopter could easily apply to get a basic DFly
system with X, gnome or KDE, and some basic applications? 
Dave Hayes - Consultant - Altadena CA, USA - dave@xxxxxxxxxxx 
>>> The opinions expressed above are entirely my own <<<

Have you noticed how economical the human race is with it's idols?  

It sets them up, enjoys them, then falls upon them and devours them
until nothing is left. Even the complete consumption of the idol, 
if it is another human being, is not the end. There are then hundreds 
of years worth of argument and analysis to be worked through...

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