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Re: lsof 4.77 won't build on 1.6?

From: Oliver Fromme <check+j3f3jj00rs74kox3@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 03 Aug 2006 10:46:59 GMT

Matthew Dillon wrote:
 > Csaba Henk wrote:
 > : Bob Bagwill wrote:
 > : > Is lsof 4.77 buildable on 1.6?  There's no DragonFly dialect, and
 > : > the freebsd one doen't work.  Thanks.
 > :
 > : Anyway, Dfly provides an fstat(1) which comes close to lsof in terms of
 > : usefulness (contrary to the fstats of other BSDs).
 > Yah, though our fstat is still using /dev/kmem and sometimes can access
 > memory it isn't supposed to, crashing the machine.  We really need a
 > sysctl interface for it.

The most useful feature of lsof is "lsof +L1" (list files
with link count == 0, and the processes who have them open).
I think DF's fstat cannot do that.

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