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Re: Pacman?

From: Francis Gudin <fgudin@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: 14 Aug 2006 17:20:45 GMT

On 14-08-2006, Erik Wikström <erik-wikstrom@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Haven't looked at pacman but I seem to recall that it's a utility for 
> managing pkgsrc packages and as such it (probably) used the pkgsrc 
> infrastructure to perform it's magic. Thus it ought to work seamlessly 
> with the pkgsrc tools. At least as long as nothing breaks in the middle 
> of operation.

You may think about a different 'man'agement tool. Here's an excerpt
from the wiki:

 Pacman was ported from Archlinux.

 The system is similar to ports/pkgsrc but uses build description files
 written in bash, called PKGBUILD, instead of Makefiles.

I guess pkgsrc could coexist with another third-party software
management tool, as long as both don't share anything on the filesystem.
pkgsrc keeps all its files under /usr/pkg by default; if pacman is able
to do so under another hierarchy, chances are it could work.

Still to define how pacman would be better, or what pkgsrc lacks wrt
pacman ? IMO, improving pkgsrc support for DragonFly is much more useful:
sharing with numerous platforms (not Linux-centric), clean framework, etc.


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