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Re: Text-columns and CSS

From: "Dennis Melentyev" <dennis.melentyev@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 18:17:01 +0000


2006/10/26, Geert Hendrickx <ghen@xxxxxxxxxx>:
On Thu, Oct 26, 2006 at 05:22:16PM +0300, Dennis Melentyev wrote:
> Almost everyone use Firefox/Opera/IE these days.

Many people think "almost everyone uses IE these days" (and they're
probably right) so with the same reasoning as yours, they ignore Firefox/
Opera/anythingelse as well and only code for IE.  You like that?
Well, the reason not to count on IE is it is only available on off-topic OS.
On unices, Firefox and Opera are used mostly.

> Trying to have as minimum of javascript/CSS/Flash as possible is a
> good approach, but plain-old-html requirement is not an option IMHO.
> Do you see any particular reason? Except just ability to use "links".  Do
> you really use "lynks and Co" for day-to-day browsing?

As long as Firefox/Opera/IE/whatever are not shipped with DragonFly, it
seems very reasonable to make the Dragonfly webpage 100% accessible with
text-browsers which will more easily be available after a default install
(for looking up documentation/help when needed).

Usually, it is enough to browse local docs. And local docs MUST be plain html, or, even better, plain text. Plain text is much more convenient for grep'ing. The official site is more about to be an "OS visit card" and starting point to find any info on project. It is not a problem to have lynx-browsable on-line documentation pages, but not the requirement for project news, roadmaps and other project info.

To be able to navigate lynx to on-line docs, it is better to have
specific link from local handbook, rather then find it through site's
main page.

Dennis Melentyev

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