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Re: Using pkgsrc versus maintaining software the "old fashioned" way

From: Joerg Sonnenberger <joerg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2006 20:19:34 +0100
Mail-followup-to: users@crater.dragonflybsd.org

On Thu, Nov 16, 2006 at 02:10:49PM -0500, Kevin L. Kane wrote:
> I was looking around the source and I couldn't help but notice that
> many things are maintained in the DF cvs repository that could be
> maintained by pkgsrc instead.  Just install them as packages right off
> the CD and then the way I see it you let pkgsrc worry about updating
> some random contrib software.  Examples include: top, binutils,
> sendmail(or postfix).  Is there any reason why its preferable to
> maintain the stuff in DF by hand instead of relying more on pkgsrc?

Sorry to sound rude, but *please* read the archives. This question gets
asked every few month and everything to be said on the topic has been
said multiple times already.


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