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DragonFly users List (threaded) for 2007-02
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Re: 1.8.x: fdisk and disklabel fails to operate disk

From: Tero Mäntyvaara <termant@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2007 03:41:34 +0200

Sorry that I was unpunctual with the details.

After reading Bill's reply I noticed that my signature was also
missing, with important hardware information... :-/

Bill Hacker wrote:
> Tero Mäntyvaara wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I have used Linux. I managed to install 1.8.x to my system (in one
>> drive) and it boot as I expected. I headed to make my hard drive
>> mirrored,
> 'Mirrored' by which means, of the several available?
> i.e. - are you on 'raw' ata / nata, 'psuedo-RAID' ata controller, 'raw'
> SCSI controller, 'hardware' RAID SCSI controller... or ... what?
> NB: It sounds like the first, i.e. pure 'software' RAID1.. but it would
> help to have more information as what you where doing and at what point
> in the process it stalled.
> Unlike WinWOES/Leenux, there DFLY has no 'tick the box' interface to
> RAID1 creation (AFAIK...).
> ;-)
With mirroring I meant the software RAID (RAID1 with my SATA2 drives)
that is provided by DF tool/software, Vinum Volume Manager if I am correct.

By the way, mirroring drive WAS my goal. :-)
>> but both fdisk and disklabel said that both drives were not
>> configured. :-O
>> Tero Mäntyvaara
> Been doing 'hardware' RAID since SMD/SCSI were 'new', 'software' RAID
> since MFM, RLL and GCR controllers were in use. Using SCSI RAID,
> atacontrol, and gmirror (FreeBSD) on everything but my personal
> PowerBook still yet...
> Very often the setup is 'polite' w/r possibly overwriting precious data
> - i.e wants the drive that is to be added to the mirror set to be 'raw'
> - neither partitioned nor labeled *at all*.
> IOW - it is about to duplicate the MBR, partitioning, and disklabel as
> well as the data. Or near-as-dammit, and will not over-write if such
> pre-exists.
> Bill
More details about my wery first steps to have mirrored disk in DF:
I installed DF, booted it (ACPI disabled, because if I choosed the
first->default alternative I couldn't write anything to shell), logged
in as root and tried to initialize my other disk with

	fdisk -BI da6 (system disk is da4)

but then I get that message that drive is not configured. :-/
I get same result if I use disklabel to "dedicate" drive.

Tero Mäntyvaara

My hardware:
- Processor: AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (Socket 939)
- Mobo: Asus A8R-MVP (ATI CrossFire™ Xpress 1600, Marvell 88E8001)
- Memory: 512 MB (PC-3200/400 MHz)
- Storage: 2 x Samsung SpinPoint P80SD HD080HJ 80 GB  SATA2 NCQ
- Display adapter: Club 3D 6200LE PCI-E CGNX-L628R

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