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Re: packages not available as binaries, encountered when installing kdevelop

From: "niklasro.appspot.com" <niklasro@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 27 Dec 2009 01:24:52 +0000

2009/12/25 Pierre Abbat <phma@phma.optus.nu>:
> convertlit (which now builds)
> ebooks-tools
> f2c
> socks5
> Numerous package additions failed, once it downloaded everything, including
> kdevelop itself. The last few lines of the output are:
> emacs- registering info file /usr/pkg/info/widget
> emacs- registering info file /usr/pkg/info/woman
> installing kdevelop-3.5.3...
> pkg_add: no pkg found for 'p5-Digest-MD5-[0-9]*', sorry.
> pkg_add: Can't install dependency p5-Digest-MD5-[0-9]*
> pkg_add: Can't install dependency texlive-pdftools-[0-9]*
> pkg_add: Can't install dependency doxygen>=1.3.5
> pkg_add: Can't install dependency kdevelop-base>=3.1.0
> pkg_add: Can't install dependency c-cpp-reference>=2.0.2nb4
> pkg_add: 1 package addition failed
> processing local summary...
> updating database: 100%
> no such installed package kdevelop
> Pierre
> --
> li ze te'a ci vu'u ci bi'e te'a mu du
> li ci su'i ze te'a mu bi'e vu'u ci
cancel all in 1 and fuse failures one each time works here with bmake
reported to dragonflybsd.org/niklas languagepack disponible (.po and
. mo) looking for how bsd does it now using gettext to store all human
language. cheers Holger Niklas

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