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linuxulator update

From: "Alex Hornung" <ahornung@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2010 08:35:36 -0000

Hi all,

As you may already know, I've been working on an extensive update of our
linux emulation layer over the past week. Just now I've committed this
update and you can expect it to make it into the 2.6 release.

I've tested it with Apache Tomcat 6, Java, Opera and Acrobat Reader, but I
would welcome more testing; as a matter of fact, as much testing as possible
so we can take care of possible issues before the release.

While I also tried getting Flash running, there still seems to be an issue
with it. Given my little familiarity with Flash, I'd appreciate some insight
on this. I've tried it also with the standalone player of flash9 and a local
. swf, but the problem remains; the swf doesn't seem to get loaded. The
browser plugin says "movie not loaded" when doing right click on it.

Over the next few months I'll slowly clean up the code a bit more, breaking
out machine independent bits from sys/emulation/linux/i386 and organizing
header files better, to make it easier to port to amd64 eventually. This is
of no priority to me, so if anyone wants to get this working soon, they can
work on it. Of course, feel free to contact me if you have any queries about
this or anything else regarding the linuxulator.

Alex Hornung

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