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Re: wireless

From: Pierre Abbat <phma@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 7 May 2010 22:02:22 -0400

On Friday 07 May 2010 17:31:28 Thomas Nikolajsen wrote:
> Did you follow instructions in bwi(4) ('man bwi')?
> (It says you need to fetch firmware and install it)

Thanks, it worked. I asked another guy at the meeting to download it, then 
connected the two computers with an Ethernet cable and sshed it.

> (I see you are running RELEASE, as bwi(4) is disabled ATM in DEVELOPMENT;
> also wifi config has changed a bit (802.11 update has been commited after
> release))

I'm actually running HEAD as of just before the release. I'd like to update 
the kernel to avoid the Hammer bug, not that I'm likely to run into it, as 
the disk is less than half full. How soon will bwi be reenabled?

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