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Re: DragonFly-2.8 RELEASED!

From: Edward Martinez <edwardm@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2010 04:23:08 -0700

On 10/30/10 10:58, Matthew Dillon wrote:
DragonFly 2.8 has been released!


     A ton of work has gone into this release, the release notes don't even
     do it justice.

     With this release we feature the return of the GUI, a 4GB USB image
     containing additional packages, full sources&  git repos, and a small
     compact X environment.  I gotta say, it is very convenient.  We will
     be looking for feedback on this and will likely expand the number of
     packages and improve the environment in future releases.

					Matthew Dillon

congrats! I was just introduced to the HAMMER fs not long ago and I like it. I'm wondering, if the GUI will be part of every new DragonFly release or only a certain ones?

Regards Edward

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