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Oh, this Midnight Commander

Looking ahead: remotely over SSH (using the client putty), naturally
using ttys - works. Though black and white. Midnight Commander problem
behavior is associated with a local console for DragonFly (given that
in FreeBSD it works fine).

First, install your favorite on * nix-systems of Midnight Commander.
Very similar to Norton Commander in DOS and FAR in Windows. In this
case, is a highly developed system.

Put out a package that is already compiled image:

pkg_radd mc

This command is similar to the command "pkg_add-r mc" in FreeBSD, you
have pull itself from the Internet files you need.

Established quite quickly - say the same FreeBSD he pulls from a bunch
of packages. On DragonFlyBSD immediately after installation is already
installed a lot of packages and, perhaps, why the installer Midnight
Commander is not so much downloaded from the Internet add-on packages.

Established, but bummer, since:

"Unknown terminal: cons25
Check the TERM environment variable
Also make sure that the terminal is defined in the terminfo database.
Alternatively, set the TERMCAP environment variable to the desired
termcap entry. ".

It's funny that when you install on a freshly installed (blank) FreeBSD
is no such problem.

When installing from source:

cd / usr / pkgsrc / sysutils / mc
bmake install clean

Got the same problem - bad language on the terminal cons25, which is

On the Internet I found nothing. Guess go with the s-lang at ncurses.
Recompiled again without the s-lang, but with ncurses. Program started.
And even the normally displays characters pseudographics. The truth
does not work in this case, the closure panels on "Ctrl O" complains
something about xterm and Linux.

I did not like it.

Dug that installing TERMINFO environment variable is set to / usr /
pkg / share / terminfo normally run Midnight Commander compiled with
s-lang without ncurses (ie default settings).

Installed for all users in / etc / csh.login:

Editing the file

ee / etc / csh.login

setenv TERMINFO / usr / pkg / share / terminfo

and just in case you dare to use an alternative

setenv TERMCAP / etc / termcap

But the key combination "Ctrl O" panel still does not hide.

Starting with the parameter-x, ie

mc-x allows to hide the panel, but there is no sense from this -
beneath them will still empty.

I read that changing the shell csh, standing by default, to bash the
problem it solves. Not tested. While it is doubtful - because on
FreeBSD too csh by default.

There is also the idea that the replacement driver for the console sc
scoansi can help.

At another installation DragonFlyBSD (when compiling packages from
source) terminfo file was not installed (I did not find it anywhere in
the system). And make mc failed. But I did not deal with it.

Przemys=C5=82aw Pawe=C5=82czyk

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