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Re: How to test and debug Dragonfly BSD?

From: "<Marcin Ropa>" <marcinropa@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2010 09:31:42 +0100

Thanks all for yours replies. Indeed I have to join irc channel -
thanks for suggestion, and start this fascinating adventure. :)

First off i need reinstall dfbsd on my workstation with hammer files
system (yes, i have it installed on my desktop and
I'm going to use it as development environment). Then I will try test
all you mentioned in yours posts. I hope i will able to install Vbox
or qemu or maybe VMware on dfbsd.

There are tons of code. Is there any README, describing which
functionality I may expected in which subdirectory? Where is core of
the system, where main structures are initialized and everything
begins when the system starting. I believe it will be good place to
understand what is under hood of the OS.

Thanks again


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