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contribs q/a & ext2 rw access?

From: Diego <pleur.neu@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2010 00:26:31 -0300


just chrooted httpd for a DF blog
but i need to manage 'safely' some work related data hosted on the Ubuntu Maverik 10.10

i mean safely since i'm on migration from ext filesystem given fact
i had gross file corruption several times working with usual 1/4 G wav
for advertising projects. in fact the data corruption are 'motherboard related' (DMA chipsets).
fact is that BSDs have better deadlocks check over DMA resulting in
less data errors for very-heavy-access random files as those i work on.

now the technical issue.

any ideas for mount_ext2 rw support?

i tried ok ext4 as ro.

i use:
> mount_ext2 -o rw /dev/ad2s5 /media/linux
mount_ext2fs: /dev/ad2s5: Invalid argument

my idea is to set up a linux netboot perhaps using the original ext4 host access, leaving hammer image as ro until truly into 'man hammer'

i also 'shamelessly use squashfs' for the netboot so i'll be on those tools asap if jesus helps.

how does team develop on contribs? i'm an available alpha/beta tester with rough *nx (17+ yrs) and some patching & c skills / high availability

thank you

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