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bug in Python wxWidgets

From: Pierre Abbat <phma@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2011 14:21:30 -0500

I set up a Tor relay (Tor is in pkgsrc, can be installed with pkgin, and needs 
just a few lines of config to make it work) and then found a program called 
TorChat and tried to run it. I got this error: "TypeError: wx.Window, 
wx.Sizer, wx.Size, or (w,h) expected for item". I succeeded in getting 
TorChat running on my Linux box and talked with Bernd, the developer. It 
turns out it's a known bug in some builds of the Python-wxWidgets interface, 
and he sent me the attached test program. Just like TorChat, the test program 
brings up a window on Linux and issues an error on DragonFly. I'm running 
2010Q2 on DFly. He suggested that I file a bug report, but I'm not sure 
whether the bug is in DFly or in pkgsrc. The versions are python26-2.6.5nb1 
and py26-wxWidgets- (The Linux box has Python 2.5.) If you have 
Q3, or you have Q2 on something other than DFly, could you try it out and let 
me know if you get the error or not? That should tell me where to file the 
bug report.


lo ponse be lo mruli po'o cu ga'ezga roda lo ka dinko

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