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Re: CRC data failed?

From: Francisco Reyes <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2011 14:52:06 -0500

Matthew Dillon writes:

It sounds like the filesystem image got corrupted, your best bet is
to wipe it completely (w/ newfs_hammer).

Only a handfull of files seem to have a problem, so for now I will leave as it. I guess I could try deleting those files.

It is possible to recover the data to another filesystem (not in-place) if you need the data.

Will do. I will setup another VM. The original data was downloaded over DSL and took almost a week to download.

Checking the entire filesystem's CRCs can be done by issuing a mirror-read redirected to /dev/null and seeing if any errors pop
up. This will wind up reading the entire disk and could take some
time depending on the size of the filesystem.

Where can I read about how to do that?

Also, is the crash possibly due to the fact it is in a VM? This is my first production test of DragonFly, so I am trying to understand what happened. If this was a sever with original data, I would be pretty worried about the data.

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