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Re: Comments on pkgsrc and DragonFly

From: Stephane Russell <srussell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2011 11:28:28 -0500

> have you considered maybe making a 'porting software' page on the wiki?
> Thinking in general we could use a much more focused porting effort.

No, but I like this idea. I was thinking of getting involved with
porting for some time already if there was some interest. If I go on
with the Wiki page, I just hope my english will do, because I'm limited
with this langage. Some would have to pass behind me from time to time,
or I might have to send documents to be validated before publishing. Or
maybe some other might be better at making this page, but I'm
definitivly willing to help. After all, it just mean to document my

Mainly, It should center on what's specific to DragonFly, with pkgsrc
and autotools as background. For example the "*BSD" reference can be
easilly missed, or the fact that choosing FreeBSD as build type still
requires some digging in the autotool scripts. Precisions on the fact
that we should not expect FreeBSD code compatibility would be important
also. Good references might be useful, including to the GNU autotool
book. I also have some expericence and knowledge of xmkmf (imake) which
might be interesting to add, maybe. Porting also requires some
informations about what to use, for example, the thread support might
have some requirements in DragonFly. Only DragonFly developpers can
provide the right information, so this page would be the ideal place for
them to spread the information.


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