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Re: laptop stolen

From: Pierre Abbat <phma@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2011 21:12:29 -0500

On Saturday 22 January 2011 20:51:14 steve@netfirms.com wrote:
> Hmmm......
>       Are you sure?
>        Did you look every where?
>        We wiil do our best to walk you
> Through this crisis, but we need to be
> Convinced of your sincere need, of such
> Scarce resources.

I'm not asking you for help. I'm just letting you know, because it's the one 
with DragonFly on it. I was going to try the pkgin bugfix, since I've had 
problems with packages not upgrading correctly (in particular, KDE programs 
call kdelibs, which calls libjpeg, and I usually ended up with the filename 
of the libjpeg not matching what kdelibs looked for). On a fresh install, I 
won't be able to do this.

When a barnacle settles down, its brain disintegrates.
Já não percebe nada, já não percebe nada.

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