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Re: 2.8.3 coming?

From: Edward Martinez <edwardm1@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2011 13:18:30 -0800

On 01/29/11 12:24, Matthew Dillon wrote:
:I had read in november that there was plans for 2.8.3 release coming.
:I plan to install a server next week with 2.8.2, but i will delay install if
:2.8.3 is coming in few more weeks.
:Someone got an estimation of release date?

     It's not looking like it.  There just isn't enough time to figure out
     what more needs to be merged in from master to make a 2.8.3 release,
     verses just compiling whatever is the latest on the 2.8.x branch.


2.8.x branch still is being updated? interesting ... when i upgraded my system following the handbook's updating instructions, it went from 2.8.2-release to 2.9.1 dev.

  this is the handbook i used:


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