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Re: rcrun reload

From: Chris Turner <c.turner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2011 02:13:29 -0600

Pierre Abbat wrote:
I modified a script so that it takes the "reload" argument, which the program supports, and then tried to use it:
. ..
How come "rcrun reload" doesn't work?

looks like rcrun itself doesn't support reload -

> usage: rcrun
> start|stop|restart|rcvar|list|forcestart|faststart|disable|enable

I'd suggest using either the 'restart' target or maybe 'faststart'
in your tor rc script to do the reload -
alternately you could of course run:

/etc/rc.d/tor reload

directly as you demonstrated.

the rc scripts themselves are shell scripts so the usual

sh -x <script> <args>

to trace execution, etc. should apply -

for example:

sh -x /sbin/rcrun reload tor

to see the details of the particular error you saw

main ones are /sbin/rcrun as you have found,
/etc/rc, and /etc/rc.subr (common subroutines)

of course the usual rc, rc.conf, rcorder, rcrun,
etc. manual pages are a good place to look as well
as of course the dragonfly handbook


although the associated 'rcrun' managment scripts
are a dragonfly creation, The rc.d infrastructure
originally comes from NetBSD -
which has some good docs which are mostly applicable -


there's also a PDF about the design as well as the
evolution / history from which is quite excellent
in the above URL

ok. I stop the blabbing. As someone who has had
to try and package SysV init S & K softlinkk configurations,
I get a bit exited about rcng and tend to ramble.

cheers and good luck

- Chris

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