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AHCI Problems using master (a80975a)

From: Sven Gaerner <sgaerner@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2011 23:04:09 +0200


I just upgraded to master (a8097a) from the latest 2_8 branch commit and
rebuild and installed world and kernel.  After booting the upgraded
system xpt fails to configure and mounting the root filesystem also

The reported error is:
	hammer_mountroot: can't find devvp

After booting with AHCI disabled, the system starts up, still reporting
xpt errors, but mounting the root filesystem succeeded.  So I can use
the system.

My /boot/loader.conf:


I guess the xpt problem is not the reason why root cannot be mounted,
because the errors are also shown if AHCI is disabled.  The problem with
the root filesystem seems to be that the hard drives are not detected
properly.  The prompt that is shown if booting with AHCI enabled fails
also does not show the hard drives.

I attached a dmesg created after
	set hint.ahci.disabled=1
	boot -v

Are there any hints how to get more details on that problem or how to
solve it?

Thanks a lot.


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