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Re: Can DFly mount ext4?

From: Freddie Cash <fjwcash@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2011 22:34:06 -0700

At the grub prompt hit esc to get the grub menu. Then press the e key to edit the first entry. Add a 1 to the end of the line. Press enter to save the line then press b to boot.

That will drop you into run-level 1 aka single user mode, with root access.

You should be able to fix things from there.

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On 2011-06-26, at 5:44 PM, Pierre Abbat <phma@phma.optus.nu> wrote:

> A friend gave me an Ubuntu laptop which I proceeded to install a few programs 
> on and then hose. It came with a user "a" which I decided to change 
> to "phma". I renamed the home directory, edited /etc/passwd and /etc/group, 
> and rebooted. I had forgotten to edit /etc/shadow, so I can't log in. It's 
> set up to show "Ubuntu" and four dots instead of a GRUB prompt. I tried 
> mounting it in the USB enclosure on my Linux box; it said "unsupported 
> features", which a bit of googling tells me means it's an ext4 filesystem. I 
> try mounting it on DragonFly as ext2fs and get "invalid argument". Is there a 
> way to mount ext4fs?
> Pierre
> -- 
> sei do'anai mi'a djuno puze'e noroi nalselganse srera

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