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Re: Xen support in DragonFlyBSD and donation of one VPS for development

From: Dean Hamstead <dean@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2011 21:25:06 +1000

Xen is superior for VPS providers and other types of hosting. Here you
need to control the distribution of resources (and cpu time) according
to type of client.

KVM is superior for other types of virtualization like the testing of
applications for developers.

Hopefully that gap wont last long.

RedHat likes being the boss and need "to control" the development of
keys products. It's not bad thing but is the truth. In Xen they aren't
the boss.

Oh yes, they suffer from an accute case of Not-invented-here. But i can also empathize them with not wanting to take over on the technologies of small start ups and other open source companies.

Oracle is investing in Xen. And the mainline Linux kernel has support
for Xen Dom0 and Xen DomU. Xen has been working in the mainline Linux
kernel for a lot of time.

I try and pretend oracle dont exist. To me they are just a racing team.

the main restriction for vps providers is that the kvm support in
happy commercial vps gui software is very limited at thus stage.

It's not the only problem. The providers can develop their own software panel.

Most dont, they just use a fee-per-client software like hypervm.


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