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Call for Papers - BSDday Argentina 2011

From: Sdävtaker <sdavtaker@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2011 15:38:41 +0200

BSDday Argentina 2011 - http://www.bsdday.org.ar/

4-5 Nov.
Buenos Aires City, Argentina
Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Facultad Regional Buenos Aires

*BSD users in Argentina call to the community of free software, users,
system administrators and developers of BSD systems for participation
on the BSDday 2011.

The subject of the event is BSD operating systems, BSD-licensed
software, licensing issues, BSD philosophy and related topics.

There is no maximum number of speakers or length of the talks, but you
should indicate both at the time of the talk submission.

Talks and slides can be in Spanish or English, talks with
practical/lab content besides theoretical content in which attendees
can perform labs practices and exercises are preferred over purely
theoretical ones.

For lab talks, the speaker should indicate the materials and
assistants needed (i.e. a laptop with a specific OS).

NOTE: On budget issues, the organizators may pay some of the passages
or hotels, in whole or in part, to the selected authors residing
outside of Buenos Aires City (Argentina).

We appreciate the contribution of everyone in the dissemination of
this call and the event itself. Feel free to forward this email to any
individuals/organizations you may think would be interested in it.

Until when you can submit papers?

Proposals will be received until October 10th inclusive.

Where to send?

The information of the paper should be sent in plain text and slide
attachments (if you have) to the following address of email: llamcha
[at] bsdday.org.

How to send?

The sending of the proposed talk should have the following information:

Title: Title of the paper.
Author's Name: Brief description of each, place of residence,
association, BUG, agency or enterprise to which he belongs, if
Type: It can be traditional or workshop.
Estimated time of duration: The talks are usually 45 'and the
workshops have a length of 1:45. If it is more or less the time
required, please tell us.
Brief description of the talk: One or two paragraphs to explain the
content of the presentation.
Level of the attendees: newbie / intermediate / advanced / expert.
Background information: Specify that knowledge must have assistants.
Subject: programming, multimedia, communications, workstation, network
services, interoperability, education, kernel, etc.
Phone of the author: To communicate with you.
Residence: of the author.

The shipment of the slides should be one of the following formats:

Openoffice.org presentation
HTML standard

Specify a license that allows the event organizers and distribute
material that can be downloaded from the BSDday website.

If you can not specify, you can choose from GFDL or cc-by-sa 2.5 en.


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