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Marvell 88e8057, and SATA disk cache flushing?

From: james <james@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2011 16:42:11 +0100

I need to replace my old NAS and I have some hardware to use, but plan A failed dismally because Illumos does not have a working driver for the Marvell 88e8057 GegE chip on my Saphire mobo - an AMD E350 device which I have in a small case (otherwise I'd just add another NIC).


1) does dragonfly support this chip?

Also - while I'm attracted to swap cache (and I have an SSD that I would have used as boot, L2ARC and ZIL) I'm a little concerned that the situation with flushing caches on hard disks isn't as clear as it is with ZFS, which I trust to use write back cackes and flush explicitly.


2) Does Dragonfly have proper support for flushing write back caches on SATA drives?

I have read the notes on 'fsync flush modes' in hammer(8), but this does not discuss whether fsync writes to the drive assuming write-through, or forces a drive cache flush.

I'm also interested in whether such flushes will work if I configure the 4-off 2TB drives as a software RAID5 array.


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