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Re: running whois on African IP address returns ARIN record

From: David Crosswell <davidcrosswell@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2011 05:59:49 +1000

On Thu, 17 Nov 2011 10:20:51 PM Pierre Abbat wrote:
> On Wednesday 09 November 2011 15:06:50 joris dedieu wrote:
> > Unlike Marco d'Itri's whois implementation that you will find in most
> > linux distro, DragonFlyBSD's whois does not embed a list of prefixes
> > distribution. So it will ask arin.net for every request on an ip.
> > You may find several whois implementations on pkgsrc. As far as I know
> > there is no BSD implementation of an elaborate whois as Marcos's one.
> I tried several and found that jwhois works well. It even handles the
> two-netblock case, which I couldn't figure out on Linux whois.
> It does have a problem with my IPv6 address. I have to specify arin.net to
> get info on that. I've sent a report to the bug email.

None of them are 100% accurate, because of proxy rerouting, but some are 
better than others - and free.
Debian has both a free and non-free package in the repositories.
Why not have a chat with the package maintainers there?

It might be worth while having a chat with Jakob Appelbaum on the tor project, 
who is pretty au fait with all this, before making any final assessment, also.


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