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Problem booting

From: Konrad Neuwirth <konrad@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2011 10:27:20 +0100

Hello everyone, 

I am currently trying to set up 2.13 on a server that is located in a remote data center. It contains a Lantronix Spider remote management card. As part of its functions, it allows the user to mount an iso file over the network -- which will then be exposed to the user as an USB attached storage device. I downloaded the ISO, mounted it and the system boots the kernel all right. But it is not able to mount root, so the install process then halts abrupty -- at the mountroot> prompt. 

Mountroot claims to know about the following devices: 

"md0" "md0s0" "sg0" "sg1" "da0" "mapper/control" "da1" "da0s0" "da0s1" "da0s2" "da0s3" "da0s4" 

None of those are acceptable as root (using cd9660: as the filesystem). 

Alas, I cannot post more about what hardware the kernel recognizing. All the error messages of mountroot trying out various devices and failing scrolls away any remainders of dmesg, and there is no scrollback buffer I could use. 

So: Does anybody have an idea on how I could progress with finding the right root? 

Thank you kindly, 

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