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Which is ideal with HAMMER? softraid or hammer volume_add

From: Zenny <garbytrash@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2011 16:50:25 +0100

nanoBSD is a fun to work with, yet very time consuming. There is a ton
of stuffs that is coming with FreeBSD9 like the resource allocation to
jails and HAST.

The new FreeNAS team (maybe ixsystems management) has made some
marketing gimmicks
which deviates me away from FreeNAS8 whereas FreeNAS 0.7.5 version
looks promising, but to create something useful with jails seems to be
a strenous task with that image.

That is the reason I wanted to go with DFBSD with HAMMER, which also
has some limitations till these lines are written. ;-)

On 12/29/11, Edward Martinez <edwardm1@live.com> wrote:
> On 12/29/11 00:26, Zenny wrote:
>> Thanks for the list of alternatives. I figured out the cons cons which
>> I didn't like:
>> Limitation to desktop: OpenIndiana is geared towards desktop-oriented
>> and their usb img does not work when I tried a few days ago.
>> Architecture limitation: SmarOS only supports intel architecture
>> (because Joyent is an Intel-sponsored company).
>> Size Limitation: Nexenta's community version only supports 18TB and
>> also requires registration
>> Mere a release: Illumos is mere a release on which OpenIndiana,
>> SmartOS are based on which already has limitations.
>> In case HAMMER has two features like volume management and internal
>> cache with DFBSDs installer that allows to install in more than one
>> disk, it would be the finest thing in the world. ;-)
>> On 12/28/11, Edward Martinez<edwardm1@live.com>  wrote:
>>> On 12/28/11 10:13, Zenny wrote:
>>>> I have no option than going for a freebsd+zfs (with
>>>> nanobsd).
>>>      Hi,
>>>       Have you looked into other great OSes that also uses ZFS:
>>> OpenIndiana, SmartOS, Nexentastor. which they are based on
>>> illumos,kernel (a  forked form Opensolaris)?
>>>       http://openindiana.org/
>>>       http://smartos.org/
>>>       http://www.nexenta.org/
>>>       https://www.illumos.org/
>      Interesting...was not aware SmartOS only works on Intel. I agree
> nanoBSD or maybe freeNAS  would make  great alternatives:-)

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