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Re: Fwd: Single boot EFI Mac install

From: "peeter (must)" <karu.pruun@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2012 01:48:36 +0000

> On 3/22/2012 00:29, peeter (must) wrote:
>> I wonder if there's a way to make refit recognize how to boot from the
>> dfly ufs partition? I was browsing around to find if grub2 might work
>> but haven't found the right .efi image yet.
>> mjg59.livejournal.com is a good read!
>> Peeter
>> --
> Hi Peeter,
> This may be unrelated, but I spent a lot of last weekend trying to get
> DragonFly to boot from grub2 v1.99 and only got an "unrecognized signature"
> for my efforts.  No amount of tweaking fixed this, not chainloading, not
> direct kernel loading, etc.
> Finally I did the only thing that others (people with similar issues with
> grub2) had success with: downgrade grub2 to grub-legacy.  That also worked
> for me.
> John

Thanks, this is very interesting. Could you describe your boot
setting, i.e. did you use GPT or MBR? Did you put /boot partition in a
separate GPT/MBR partition or was it in a big bsd slice? What
filesystem did DragonFly have?

I guess I ended up at the same place with grub-1.99. I created
bootx64.efi image (btw, my mbpro5,5 has 64bit EFI, so 32bit efi did
not work) and blessed it; and EFI-boot to grub2; and grub2 could list
the file contents of FreeBSD partitions in the grub2 shell, but no
"kfreebsd /loader" or "kfreebsd /kernel/kernel" worked. Actually, the
latter was most promising in the sense that it did not produce an
error message; it went off and hang.

I also tried to see if grub2 recognizes any DragonFly partitions. I
cheated a little; I created GPT partitions with FreeBSD's gpart which
labels them "freebsd ufs"; then disklabel64-d with DragonFly and newfs
(ufs). Now grub2 saw directories as files; it seemed it has the same
understanding of DragonFly's ufs as FreeBSD---which thought they're a
little corrupted.

So it seems to me that grub2 does not even correctly identify files on
a DragonFly filesystem and then also can't find or boot them.

Do you know if grub-legacy handles gpt partitions?



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