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Re: solid-state drives

From: Jelle Hermsen <jelle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 03 Aug 2012 10:19:22 +0200

On 08/03/2012 09:39 AM, Jelle Hermsen wrote:
>>      You will definitely want to turn pruning on, it doesn't do all that much
>>      I/O and its needed to clean up the fine-grained snapshots.  Rebalance,
>>      dedup, and recopy can be left turned off.
Thanks for all these great tips. I'm building a new workstation and I'll 
probably buy an ssd and use it as root. I'm thinking about maximizing 
the amount of ram and then use tmpfs for /tmp. This will (hopefully) 
still leave me with enough memory to avoid swapping all together so I 
can put the swap partition on a spinning platter drive.
The only thing that still leads me to doubt is the fact that I won't be 
able to use dedup on the ssd and compared to using a couple of 10,000rpm 
disks in raid 0 the random write performance is not that impressive.


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