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Re: Top ten interesting broken packages (Volunteers?)

From: Jelle Hermsen <jelle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2012 14:08:15 +0200

I can take a look at fixing Racket. Should I test on both df64 and df32?


On 08/13/2012 12:25 PM, John Marino wrote:
> This is an opinionated list of packages that are broken only on DragonFly
> and we should want to see fixed.  I'd like to see some people volunteer
> to fix them, preferable somebody would wants to use the package
> themselves.  I'm sure people have a much different opinion of what is
> "top ten" so please express if you see an obvious package missing from
> the list.
> Excluded from the list:
> * Asterisk10, Asterisk18: The package maintainer intentionally removed
>    the DragonFly fix without replacing it because he doesn't understand
>    why an extra library builds on DragonFly and doesn't want to expand the
>    PLIST w/o this comprehension.  He doesn't care that it's broken on
>    DragonFly in the meantime.  Since he removed a working solution, he's
>    on the hook to come up with another one.
> * lang/sbcl: profmakx and I have put some work into this one and profmakx
>    is slowly getting to the end as his time permits.
> * misc/libreoffice: Fixed for pbulk (and then upgraded, hopefully
>    upgraded libreoffice still builds in pbulk)
> 01.  Emacs 24        (editors/emacs24 + editors/emacs24-nox11).
> 02.  perfuse         (filesystems/perfuse)
> 03.  lsof            (sysutils/lsof)
> 04.  jabberd         (chat/jabberd)
> 05.  xymonclient     (net/xymonclient)
> 06.  gnome-commander (sysutils/gnome-commander)
> 07.  grub2           (sysutils/grub2)
> 08.  xine-ui         (multimedia/xine-ui)
> 09.  racket          (lang/racket)
> 10.  gprolog         (lang/gprolog)
> 11.  koffice         (misc/kofice)
> 12.  mame            (emulators/mame)
> Problems with package:
> 01.  build utility "temacs" segfaults
> 02.  Insufficient puffs support?  Seems to need heavy patching.
> 03.  Needs extensive dfly patches
> 04.  Probably simple (main.c, missing reference during linking)
> 05.  simple, fails in install phase (conflict PLIST/CHECK_FILES_SKIP)
> 06.  'setErrorFunction' not declared in scope
> 07.  Needs extensive dfly patches (getroot.c, hostdisk.c)
> 08.  hitting lots of macro #warnings, probable needs #if __DragonFly__
>       somewhere
> 09.  can't find schsys.h header from string.c
> 10.  exception raised in pl utility during build
> 11.  ks_pdf_import.cpp, poppler issue
> 12.  I added dfly to config and fixed some drivers, but it broke again.
>       Don't have log, need to reapply patches to see what's up.

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