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Re: GCC 4.7.2 : Get it into DragonFly 3.2 or wait for 3.3 branch?

From: John Marino <dragonflybsd@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 03 Oct 2012 09:05:35 +0200

On 10/2/2012 04:15, Justin Sherrill wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 1, 2012 at 10:02 AM, John Marino<dragonflybsd@marino.st>  wrote:
>> The bottom line is people can use gcc47 through the CCVER=gcc47 mechanism,
>> but nobody should expect to use WORLD_CCVER=gcc47 successfully yet.  That's
>> forward work.  Hopefully we'll be further along before the branch.
>> GCC41 has been disabled, so only two compilers will build on trunk.
> Thank you for doing all this work.  It's a difficult task.  (Difficult
> enough I don't think there's any other BSD doing it.)
> My plan at this point is branch on the 8th, release on the 22nd.  I
> may have said it before, but it bears repeating.

Hi Justin,
With my latest fix, one should be able to do a complete build (including 
installworld + installkernel) with WORLD_CCVER=gcc47 defined in the 

Everything seems to work as expected, but setting gcc47 as the default 
compiler should be considered EXPERIMENTAL by those that want to try it.


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