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HPC (Was Re: Thoughts on llvm/clang in base)

From: Chris Turner <c.turner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2012 07:49:32 -0500

On 10/15/12 09:17, peeter (must) wrote:

> Just to chime in with this, we're using OpenMPI on DF and it'd be
> very, very bad news for us if support for OpenMPI would be
> discontinued for the mentioned reason. We'd need to change the
> platform then. . .

Interesting - would love to hear more about this setup if you can
share (how it's used/configured/hardware/application etc)!

I have not heard many stories of HPC/parallel compute on DF
so it would be interesting to hear some news -

Also - last I tried - on pkgsrc, openmpi failed to build
however mpich2 did build - so, any patches to fix that build
would probably be welcome - if you do have, submit to
netbsd's bugtracker & let us know here.


- Chris

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