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Re: What's the prognosis for KDE and XFCE?

From: John Marino <dragonflybsd@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2012 15:24:37 +0100

On 12/30/2012 14:19, Pierre Abbat wrote:
> On Sunday, December 30, 2012 13:08:36 John Marino wrote:
>> binary packages?  Because all of these should be buildable from source.
> I tried to build KDE and got an error in strigi, which I posted on 12-09, and
> got no answer. Building from source (in the normal place, not doing a bulk
> build) takes a long time, because it often stops in a dependency, because
> "bmake replace" in the main package doesn't cause "bmake replace" in the
> dependency.

You should check bulk build logs.  Strigi has not failed in a long time. 
  It definitely passes on Q4 coming out very soon.

As far as "bmake replace" goes, I understand the criticism.  Perhaps the 
best approach is to build from scratch in a chroot and you don't have to 
worry about it.

Unfortunately there's not a lot of QA on the binary packages right now 
-- if something fails for any random reason that should build, there 
hasn't been a "second pass" to pick it up.

The other thing to note is typically pkgsrc errors need to be reported 
to the pkgsrc mail lists.  You can cc: us with PR numbers, etc.  You 
didn't get any response on strigi because nobody else saw it, and thus 
we assumed its a local issue.  At least we'd want to see multiple 
confirmations (e.g. failure in a bulk build).


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