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Re: X not working after upgrade to 3.4

From: Ivan Uemlianin <ivan@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 17 May 2013 12:20:23 +0100

Dear Justin

Now installing X on DragonFly 3.2 doesn't work!  It bails out during the 
building of MesaLib with

   In file included from mach64_context.c:46:
   mach64_context.h:302:22: error: byteswap.h: No such file or directory

This is what I am going to do:

1. have a lie down
2. install a current system without X
3. use, explore, etc
4. experiment with installing X

I live mostly in emacs, and I'm starting to use tmux and mu4e (an email 
client for emacs), so 3 will be ok.

For 4 I shall journey through the bsd and xorg forums of the world. 
I'll report back once I've got the answers I need.

I shall install freebsd rather than DragonFly.  That might give me 
access to a broader population for 4.

This Thinkpad x60 is a nice little machine, but it's never had a chance 
to shine: it's always had Windows XP or Ubuntu on it, neither of which 
are very exciting.

With thanks and best wishes


On 17/05/2013 02:35, Justin Sherrill wrote:
> On Thu, May 16, 2013 at 11:43 AM, Ivan Uemlianin <ivan@llaisdy.com> wrote:
>> pkg_delete wouldn't let me :(, still required by modular-xorg-drivers-1.4
> You could use the -f option to force the upgrade, but that can lead to
> new problems...  This is a very strange breakage.  I worry that
> there's something else going on and the cause is something other than
> the 3.4 change - but I have nothing to correlate.
>> If I were to reinstall version 3.2 (which had X working), could I
>> investigate this problem while still being able to use the OS?  Could I run
>> 3.2 and try to switch in the newer modular-xorg (and switch it out again if
>> it doesn't work)?
> You certainly could - you'd want to install DragonFly 3.2, then pull
> down the 2013Q1 branch of pkgsrc.  You can do that by modifying
> /usr/Makefile in the new install and then using the normal make
> commands to retrieve pkgsrc.  Just look for everywhere in that file
> where it says 2012Q3 or whatever it was and change it to 2013Q1.

Ivan A. Uemlianin PhD
Speech Technology Research and Development


                         festina lente

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