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Re: polling opinions: how much QT3/KDE3.5 to preserve in dports this July?

From: Petr Janda <elekktretterr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2013 09:57:58 +1000

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> Another data point against purging kde3:
> Okular, the kpdf replacement is unable to properly handle printing:
> - it doesn't respect cups options and resets every printer options to i=
>   own values every time it's run
> - it doesn't respect options changed by the user, again resetting all
>   printer options to its own values
> - it is not even able to use the correct paper input tray. All envelope=
s I
>   tried to print ended up on A4 paper for example.

Maybe we should fix whats wrong with Okular, instead of supporting
packages past their EOL.

Like I said if it's possible to keep the most used QT3 packages around
until it requires significant work to keep them building correctly, then
we should do it. If we don't have the man power to do that, then I say

We shouldn't need to keep every QT3 app around, just the ones that get
used a lot. I only use KDE for development, everything else I do on Windo=

Packages such as:

K3B, KDevelop3, Kaffeine should be kept.

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