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DragonFly BSD Design Goals

What is it?

DragonFly is going to be a multi-year project. It will take a lot of groundwork to even approach the goals we outline here. By checking our various goal links, you can bring up position papers on various nitty-gritty aspects of kernel and system design which the project hopes to accomplish.

First and foremost among all of our goals is a desire to be able to implement them in small bite-sized chunks, while at the same time maintaining good stability for the system as a whole. While the goals are not listed in any particular order, there is a natural order to things which should allow us to advance piecemeal without compromising the stability of the system as a whole. It's a laudable goal that will sit foremost in our minds, even though we know it is probably not 100% achievable. The messaging system is going to be key to the effort. If we can get that in-place we will have an excellent (and debuggable) API on top of which the remainder of the work can be built.