KVM-like implementation in a vkernel-like fashion

How I understand vkernel

This chapter is based on my comprehension of Aggelos Economopoulos papers on lwn part1, part2

Vkernel is an elf32 binary executed in userland. The DragonFlyBSD developpers take the pc32 kernel and remove all the code that does not work in ring3 like cr3 access...
Device present that I need to read.

VMX - How it Work ? What can be done ?

VTX allow the guest to have virtualised : And a we can fetch this information for a guest VM :

KVM-like proposal

I think we can cut this project into 5 differents parts :


Here is the true timeline I want to follow. This timeline will be modified in google summer of code submit to follow their timeline.

GSOC proposal

google summer of code proposal


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