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Recent changes to this wiki:

First donation of 2016 from David CARLIER - thanks, David!
Updated link - thanks, person named Sascha on the users@mailing list!
update for rename of docs/ipfw2/index.mdwn to docs/ipfw3/index.mdwn
rename docs/ipfw2/index.mdwn to docs/ipfw3/index.mdwn
fix the sample for forward action
Clarify file locations/making changes notes
Donation from Christian Woithe. Thanks, Christian!
Donation from Kira Scarlett. Thanks, Kira!
Remove part about dshed from main page (dshed has been removed in 4.4)
Donation from Alexander Gitter - thanks, Alexander!
Donation from Li Weitian. Thanks!
Put "the current release" instead of 3.8.
Add links to xz images.
wording changes
Added code bounty to bring in FreeBSD's autofs.
Donation from Michael Iline. Thanks, Michael!
Donation from Marty Faile. Thanks, Marty!
Donation from huang shen - thanks!
OpenSSL number in tools list needs to reflect last-minute change. Via commenter @Digest.
Change front page to say 4.4 is released.
Change direct download links to point at 4.4.1 image.
Remove theshell from the list of mirrors, it's completely empty
Add link to 4.4.1 tag notes, remove "please wait" note
Change tense in sentence
Git should be installed from DPorts not pkgsrc
fix type-o
fix typo
fix typo
tweak OpenSSL Q sentence
Reword the "for those that came early section" for better comprehension
dsched removal documented in kernel so remove it from later section
Note about 4.4 release coming up
Note for direct linkers about release time and OpenSSL
matt 3
matt 2/2
pass 1 from matt
NTFS bounty
Graphics changes
Add big ticket entry for TRE
Set release date for Monday; images can percolate over the weekend
Correct commit link for the 4.4 tag.
Rewrite locales segment
Update the new locales list
Add mention of dm bugfixes
Populate colation field
Extended note about locales; used locales that match committers for examples because why not.
Add Sephe's changes
Fix grammar.
Re-adding intro paragraph; gives news sites a summary they can use.
Correct version numbers; remove comment
Resort graphics section and remove pointer to no-longer-separate i915/radeon sections
relocate commit summary message lower. I don't think a "summary" paragraph like we've done in the past is value-added and such a thing can get out of sync quickly (as has done already this morning)
forgot about colldef, it is gone too
mention removal of mklocale and addition of localedef and cldr2def
move libm replacement to userland category (it's not a "tool")
fix big omission: Regex library replacement
mention replacement of sort(1)
mention wpa-supplicant warning message in userland
mention change in ls(1) format under locales
mention replacement for hostapd which has been removed
weird, last sentence was omitted. retype it.
add bullet about dragonfly wallpapers. The are installed at share/wallpapers and symlinked at share/backgrounds/dragonfly
Add missing word
mention dports count and contributions through github
mention alteration of libstdc++ for clang
mention removal of malloc.h
remove first line (redundant with big ticket items)
mark potential cut'n paste error
locales are userland, not kernel
placeholder for sections to be rewritten
libc is a userland library (not kernel)
gold linker rewrite
nvi2 was already on system, it was just a minor update
Dump of everything I can think of for this release
minor cleanup before adding bullet lists
Initial creation
Rewrite of recently reverted changes
Too much text was cut, especially since complaint was about defunct mirrors being used as examples. Will rework.
This reverts commit 5d5c668efa08839ac882a9e85b6a0c2f1f234934
Donation from Ben Perrault - thanks, Ben!
Cleaning up links to documentation.
update for rename of docs/docs/newhandbook/mta/index.mdwn to handbook/mta/index.mdwn
rename docs/docs/newhandbook/mta/index.mdwn to handbook/mta/index.mdwn
rename docs/docs/newhandbook/desktopapplications/index.mdwn to docs/docs/handbook/desktopapplications/index.mdwn