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Recent changes to this wiki:

strike the whole X window page out
Remove Schlundtech from the official mirror list on request (mirror is gone)
Revert "" (despam)
This reverts commit 1b152324ce76473bac828bc068eb67f3c37c5590.
Add new mirror in Canada. Thanks to MUUG
Fix minor typo
Donation from Евгений Шиянов. Thanks, person whose name I need to cut and paste!
Update bullet-proof text with new information about pkg(8) v1.5.1
Update instructions
src-port and dst-port
update the ipfw3 lookup table example
machdep.mwait.CX.idle=AUTODEEP added
add broadwell config info
new changes layer2 and layer4 modules
lookup table and keyword ;from' in basic module
Stupid markdown tricks
Change instructions to refer to -n rather than -o
fix more pkgng
change pkgng to pkg(8) per request by bapt
I dislike markdown
Add a section about bullet-proof upgrading technique
Add TOC to DPorts page
remove link from gendoc
sync mta page with changes seen on 1aa0974c540405ec1481b056b6b71c7fcc160e59
First draft of WPA page
Save progress on WPA page
Save progress on WPA page
Start wireless page
Add link for wireless network page
Rewrite from scratch
Note OpenSSL version now
Dates and links for both 4.0.4 and 4.0.5. Ironic that the 404 release would be missing...
Update link to 4.0.5
Phrase that OpenSSL better
4.0.5 note/link
Remove "other software link"
Change ipfw2 to ipfw3
standardize name
standardize the name to IPFW2 and command is ipfw3
Add instructions on creating a gpt-formatted partition for large disks.
Add section on ASUS mobos and 4TB drives
4.0.3 -> 4.0.4 in links
Note 4.0.4
Describe how to create sendmail.cf and other sendmail conf files
remove "send-mail" entry; not needed on master (mail(1) was altered)
correct path for mailer.conf*
Document the sendmail package name
OpenSMTPD: Fix mailer.conf.opensmtpd and mailer.conf paths
previous change to this line was incorrect but the whole line was obsolete anyway so rewrite it.
Added DMA entry to switching MTAs
remove extra blank
MTA - add TOC and split a paragraph (as originally intended)
Initial draft of Switching MTA
Added latest BSDTalk by Matt Dillon
Removed old advertisement to a no longer existing entity
Grammer cleanup and fixing implied meaning of sentence
Add MTA chapter link, move configuration to be before dports
Remove link to remove wifi issue page
relocate developer pages, mark clang page obsolete
mark some links obsolete
remove reference to VirtualizedDragonflyBSD
Remove reference to "Mercurial" and "tokens", pages do not exist
another pkgsrc page, mark it out of date
Remove pkgsrc section from handbook, it's misleading at this point
pkgsrc page is not just historical, the instructions do not work. Make that clear.
Safety pre-tag note
lookup table
dummynet module
format of the examples.
forward action
update the basic module
standardize the ipfw2 name
core ipfw2 module
update the menu
update the module section