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Donation from Fabio Tomat. Thanks, Fabio!
I spoke with my alma mater, mirror is fixed again
Add new mirror in Germany, sponsored by checkdomain.de. Thanks!
Corrected my previous contribution
Add 4 new mirrors in Ecuador, thanks to Ernesto Pérez Estévez
remove germany mirror Philipps-University Marburg
Added clarification and suggestions after POLA
Fixed typos and punctuation
last edit
attempt to appeal to a larger audience and not be too specific
Clean up for non-dev building their own images
Add 5.2.2
MD5 sums
5.2.2 update
5.2.1 -> 5.2.2
Redundant sentence.
5.2.2 note
Fix typo
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Add myself
Update HAMMER2 design docs
Minor wording change.
Add 5.2.1
Note 5.2.1 release
5.2.1 note, link to commit.
5.2.0 -> 5.2.1 links
Spelling corrections and empty space cleanup.
grammar correction.
spelling corrections.
spelling correction.
Modernize the page
Fix section for bug #3133
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Such a sorry joke calling itself "Supported Hardware" puts us in a worse light than having no list at all
remove physik-pool.tu-berlin.de and twaren.net completely. remove macomnet.net rsync
Update GPU information
Add 5.2.0 release
5.2 release note
Update for 5.2
RELEASE -> REL in file names. Actual files are corrected.
Top message written, release date set for tomorrow
Add links, checksums, and group bulleted lists
Correct version change reference from 4.8 to 5.0
pass 5
pass 4
pass 3
pass 2
pass 1
drm/i915 changes
Skeleton 5.2 release page
Donation from Theodoros Nikolakopoulos. Thanks, Theodoros!
Correct mandoc config path in push statements
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add new mirror in Germany, provided by Herr Bischoff
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fix a typo: ipconfig => ifconfig
Clarify -j N use
adjust as per suggestion by Stefan Blachmann
Add image from Danielle Ahrens
Add dragonfly image from Daniel Ahrens
Hello Mr. Dillon,
Since I very much enjoy taking pictures of dragonflys during the summer
here in Potsdam Germany and also follow the development of Dragonfly BSD
with great interest, I would like to offer some of my photos free for
any kind of use for the images section of your website if you are
Donation from Paulo Santos. Thanks, Paulo!
Donation from Axel Scheepers. Thanks, Axel!
GCC comparison seemed one-sided. Added gcc 7.3.0 on Linux side.
Improve core dump operations; add a link to ddb(4)
fix formatting
use pkill instead of long confusing command
see https://bugs.dragonflybsd.org/issues/3119
Initial commit
add panel self refresh and explain the sysctl cpu idle states a little bettere.
initial dell xps setup guide
FAQ: add question: Who is "Fred"?
use https links; and some small improvements
OpenSSH has been moved to Environment Quick Start
Merge with Security/OpenSSH
Fix Security
And reorder again
Keep it simple
We have Unix Basic and User Management for this
Make Unix Basics order more readable, temporarily remove basic commands
Add what a terminal is to Unix Basics
Move it here now, fix it later.
This is obvious