DragonFly BSD


Recent changes to this wiki:

Remove a bad comment breaking the rest of the page
Add upgrade instructions; fix capitalization. Late, but useful for next release
Add note to MD5 list for images
Add image checksums to page; thanks r.place for the reminder
Document sysctl net.wlan.devices in wireless wiki
change Lumina startup from "exec Lumina-DE" (no longer works) to "/usr/local/bin/start-lumina-desktop"
Throw in some more junk to personal page.
creating tag page tag/bounty
Create bounty page for laptop sound.
Add bounties to my personal page.
Donation from Gian-Simon Purkert - thanks!
Correct URL for uncompressed ISO
Add link to uncompressed ISO
Add nvme loading note, based on https://www.dragonflydigest.com/2016/07/25/18458.html
4.6 release note
Update links for 4.6
rename nextrelease/index.mdwn to release46/index.mdwn
Put in release date, git log for the 4.6.0 tag
noatime is now defaut for HAMMER mount
Remove out of place web browser remark
Better intro paragraph since that's what news sites cut and paste.
Minor cleanups, added some events
Radeon driver
Graphics support
Minor cleanups; removal of old release page copy/paste for structure
Initial release page writeup; lots to fill, still
Add link to 'gdb' debugging bug.
[minor] formatting
Add footnote regarding the current status.
Create shortcut for linking to bug tracker.
Create user page for 'tofergus'
Remove estonia mirror elion enterprises
Note about dports abi defaults
add new way of configuring keyboard layout, xorg.conf.d/input.conf
Remove duplicate section that I had just expanded, geez.
correct git add and commit sequence
vxlan examples
create page for vxlan
remove crater ftp, remove garr ftp and remove ircam duplicate
correct nycbug rsync path
Add github dports.git
add dports.git to avalon and fix rsync link and add a note about it being knows as mirror-master
Point reader to lagg(4) for failover functionality
add ending / to rsync mirrors
add ending / to http mirrors
ChampGround down? add / to end of ftp mirrors
Grammar fix.
fix typo: extesions -> extensions
Add instructions on manual crypto and non-crypto installations
lockless in-kernel NAT
Donation from Мусин Булат - thanks!
Adding some info on my Dell N5050
Update server boards
Add known well-supported laptops
Update Intel graphics
Donation from Justin Yang. Thanks!
Who needs KDE anyway?
lockless in-kernel NAT
Gnome3 update!
clean up xdm section
Donation from Clinton Aarts - thanks!
Donation from Maya Rashish. Thanks, Maya!
Donation from Michael Wilson. Thanks, Michael!
Added "(already paid)" to port autofs from FreeBSD section
This reverts commit 1e6110797167b42ce52f2a7ef1419c2b9e0ffe2d
Override title
X config rewrite with add of video group mention
"just" adding a space (' *' instead of '**') for adding a second level (and non breaking space)
Remove off-site legacy images paragraph for now.
Donation from Michael Hrishenko. Thanks, Michael!
Override Projects Page title
Override title with former first level 1 header
Override title
Override title with former first level 1 header