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lockless in-kernel NAT
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Adding some info on my Dell N5050
Update server boards
Add known well-supported laptops
Update Intel graphics
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Who needs KDE anyway?
lockless in-kernel NAT
Gnome3 update!
clean up xdm section
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Added "(already paid)" to port autofs from FreeBSD section
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Override title
X config rewrite with add of video group mention
"just" adding a space (' *' instead of '**') for adding a second level (and non breaking space)
Remove off-site legacy images paragraph for now.
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Override title with former first level 1 header
Override title
Override title with former first level 1 header
Override title with former first level 1 header
Remove comment about other translations (there is none), minor changes
Remove toc
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Minor changes
add note concerning INSECURE directive in dma.conf
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Commenting out Colorado mirror, as whole site is down (thanks for headsup, Carsten Mattner)
Donation from Fabio Tomat - Thanks, Fabio! Also moved hardware donors into list
Update links for 4.4.3
Note 4.4.3 change and link commit summary.
Note 4.4.3
Start rewrite of configuring X
remove 150xladydfly.png
Local commit ladydfly.png emailed to me by:
Dmitry Postolov <dpostolov@yandex.ru> -
Hi Matt,
Sorry for my bad English...
In the attach is DragonFly BSD Wallpaper 2 created by Aleksandra Prokofyeva.
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Dmitry Postolov
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Style adjustments
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Added entry for BackWatcher, Inc.
First metod pkg
start mate in 2 mode
update for dports
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add xbindkeys package
make sure dbus is installed too.
Minor adjustments
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Lumina desktop instructions
ipfw3 sync test centre
Update for 4.4.2
4.4.2 links
Note about 4.4.2
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Updated link - thanks, person named Sascha on the users@mailing list!
update for rename of docs/ipfw2/index.mdwn to docs/ipfw3/index.mdwn
rename docs/ipfw2/index.mdwn to docs/ipfw3/index.mdwn
fix the sample for forward action
Clarify file locations/making changes notes
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Remove part about dshed from main page (dshed has been removed in 4.4)
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Put "the current release" instead of 3.8.
Add links to xz images.
wording changes
Added code bounty to bring in FreeBSD's autofs.
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