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Recent changes to this wiki:

Fix typo
March -> April, noted by Ryo ONODERA.
4.6.2 note
Add ssh HPN note
Spelling fix
Update links to point at 4.8 images
4.6 -> 4.8
rename release48temp/index.mdwn to release48/index.mdwn
Spurious comma
Added notes on ... medium-ticket? items.
Spelling, grammar fixes
Shorten summary sections a bit
Link to kernel performance mailing list post
sprinkle commas, md5 hashes, additional links in intro area
Note DSA keys are refused by default in 4.8, and link how to get back in
pass 2
pass 1
Initial skeleton
Donation from Michael Scoggins. Thanks, Michael!
Remove DMA section (DMA is the default since 2015.03.07)
Remove I/O scheduler (which has already been removed)
Remove DTrace
Updated Manitoba Unix User Group mirror listing with rsync URL.
Donation from David Marec. Thanks, David!
David CARLIER, first donor for 2017. Thanks, David!
Donation from Viktor Cemasko. Thanks, Viktor!
Corrected tcsh string from Zach
Add page about how to setup a more secure browser environment
Donation from Christian Woithe. Thanks, Christian!
subtle prompt hints for required root privileges.
Donation from Alan Lynn. Thanks, Alan!
add supported hardware, MintBox Mini
Remove BSD grep porting mention
Donation from Harold Brinkhof. Thanks, Harold!
Add a section title for broken links
Tweak the style a bit
Archive the obsolete documentation
Create new page to track the obsolete documentation
Add "Obsolete documentation" link (destination page not created yet)
Update the style a lot
Override the title, and add table of contents.
Add UEFI support description; Add two ThinkPads; Minor style updates
Update description on available groks; Comment out one broken grok.
Update OpenGrok URL and description according to its homepage
Tweak styles; Move FAQ up; Use HTTPS
Order the committers by last names
Adjust the styles and some minor tweaks.
Add manual sections and some tweaks.
Reorder one paragraph and some tweaks and fixes.
Update links to 4.6.1
Note about 4.6.1.
HP compaq nc8430 compatibility: improved text
HP compaq nc8430 compatibility: added serial port
HP compaq nc8430 compatibility
remove echo 'dbus_enable="YES"' >> /etc/rc.conf for Lumina desktop (not required)
Remove a bad comment breaking the rest of the page
Add upgrade instructions; fix capitalization. Late, but useful for next release
Add note to MD5 list for images
Add image checksums to page; thanks r.place for the reminder
Document sysctl net.wlan.devices in wireless wiki
change Lumina startup from "exec Lumina-DE" (no longer works) to "/usr/local/bin/start-lumina-desktop"
Throw in some more junk to personal page.
creating tag page tag/bounty
Create bounty page for laptop sound.
Add bounties to my personal page.
Donation from Gian-Simon Purkert - thanks!
Correct URL for uncompressed ISO
Add link to uncompressed ISO
Add nvme loading note, based on https://www.dragonflydigest.com/2016/07/25/18458.html
4.6 release note
Update links for 4.6
rename nextrelease/index.mdwn to release46/index.mdwn
Put in release date, git log for the 4.6.0 tag
noatime is now defaut for HAMMER mount
Remove out of place web browser remark
Better intro paragraph since that's what news sites cut and paste.