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Add chromebook section
Add section for specific machine configurations
Note donation from Marco Tanzarella. Thanks, Marco!
Added contact info.
remove reference to dfly 1.12
change to dfly 3.8 in example
add HAMMER2 section
update FAQ link
redirect to English FAQ
Remove obsolete content
Remove obsolete content
amd64 only as of next release
fix hammer(5) link
update (dports, architectures) & style
mirrors - Philipps-University Marburg has no git source
mirrors - comment out norway for now
fixdports - change logs link
Conditionalize keyboard layout change
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update elion enterprises ltd description
remove estpak.ee git mirror from list
New donator - thanks, Michael Roach!
Note backup location
This reverts commit 37941b4ca663d5369d327f3a02778291f70d5719
Added 3.8.2
Removed ad-donor links. Probably more hurt than help at this point with Google.
Update links for 3.8.2, remove pkgsrc mention
3.8.2 details, links, md5
3.8.2 note
This reverts commit 2d13be0772c8f2a54e067ca7363668476f5b7b2a
Shortened MATE and dfly walkthroughs
Added Enlightenment install and config walkthrough
Added MATE install and config walkthrough
Prepared for upcoming popular walkthroughs
Added dfly config walkthrough, removed deprecated walkthrough
Updated install walkthrough up to config
Donation from David Carlier
Deprecated old walkthrough, outline new walkthrough
add note about LC_CTYPE and .xsession
add explanation about latest vs release for pkg
only vi is available from a clean install
Add X notes and clean up a bit
Donation from Pacific Mez LLC. Thanks, Pacific Mez LLC!
Add 3.8.1 release
fixup url for 3.8.1 tag commit (3.6.3 ditto was used)
3.8.1 links
3.8.1 release
3.8.1 notes
Add missing software
Update a few more versions
Update a few versions
Donations from Christopher Feltus and Ivar Øines - thanks to both
Note about bittorrent
Note faster way to update md5.txt file
Remove gcc 4.1 note, since gcc 4.1 is no longer in base.
pkgsrc -> DPorts
no gui rel for 3.8
change download page for 3.8
change front page for 3.8 release
Note PAM fix
Add link for 3.8.0 tag commit
Whoops, grepped 2 extra lines
Add md5 sums
Added 3.6.2
Removed bits
s/approach to/implementation
Dynamic binaries and PAM/NSS are not kernel features
Rephrase dynamic root paragraph
pkg.conf isn't were mirror information is located anymore, fix it.
Typo fix
Argh I'm mixing wiki syntaxes
First draft of a separate install page