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Removed links disclaimer; no longer needs to be mentioned because it was years ago.
Donation from Veronika Morin. Thanks, Veronika!
Fixup labels that said 5.0.1 to 5.0.2, add MD5's for 5.0.2
Fix typo
Add 5.0.2
Note, date 5.0.2 release.
Note 5.0.2
5.0.1 -> 5.0.2 links
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Add new mirror in UK by Coreix, thanks
5.0.1 release note
Strip 0 prefix in date
Add 5.0.1
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Add 5.0.1 checksums
5.0.0 to 5.0.1 links
Add 5.0.1 commit message link.
Add links to 1.0/1.0A release notice (in mail archive). Fix 1.0A release date to reflect release notice.
Add 5.0.0 release
Add two tips: (1) change dump device; (2) encrypted swap as dump
Warn about crash dump uploading; some other minor fixes
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change name of ICM mirror
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Updated Link to SFM Consulting
Note client-side ssh change.
fomated xfce
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add note on chrome60
update checksums
5.0.0 release note
Update to 5.0 links
restoring md5 formatting
Add in MD5 checksums
Remove crypt(3) cleanup item
Fix typos etc. Delete half sentence on HAMMER2 'We intend to get basic mirroring'; guess mirroring was planned for 5.0, but it isn't there yet.
removing in-progress notice since I'm uploading an image now.
5.0.0 tag commit link
update path to xsetup
Remove per-cpu karc4random project (completed by sephe in Jan 2017)
add openssh update
Remove spinlock descr field project (done, then reverted)
Remove redundant graphics section
Cleanup H2 info a bit
commit log scan (3)
commit log scan (2)
commit log scan
Clarify things about vga_switcheroo and apple_gmux
graphics: Intel GPUs supported up to Kabylake
Radeon not updated to 4.7.10 after all
Donations from Harold Brinkhof and Dmitry Postolov. Thanks!
More release item links added
Save updated changelog items so far
Initial creation
Remove sem_{open,close,unlink} implementation
Corrected mdocml config.h patch to new location.
Update copyright year (2017)
fix the broadcom list markup
Broadcom WLAN driver wanted dead or alive.
mirrors - remove nycbug ftp mirror
modify .xinitrc for KDE
fixed typo
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corrected Mate Desktop part.
add new mirror in serbia, thanks to fourdots
Less interest in doing SOC now, so take out that part.
Add 4.8.1
Update links for 4.8.0 to 4.8.1
Note 4.8.1 release
Correct version for i915 support in 4.8.1
Note 4.8.1 release
Comment out RedIRIS mirror
Add new mirror in denmark
remove old and commented mirrors. if we need them, we can dig them out from diffs
add mirror in sweden
Make all formatting similar in releases list.