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4.2.3 notes
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4.2.3 notes
4.2.1 note
4.2.1 links
Note 4.2.1
Emphasize mail agent change.
Update links for 4.2
Update for 4.2 announcement
deian -> Debian
4.2.0 tag message link added
Networking chapter
RAS features: watchdogs
RAS features chapter
Audio stack changes in separate chapter
The "I" in the hammer2 chapter is Matthew Dillon
Put HAMMER changes together
crete -> create (spelling fix)
More graphics improvements
Flesh out introduction, grammar tweaks
Graphics improvements (draft)
More details about the DMA transition
i386 support already removed in DragonFly 4.0
symbol versioning
sed -u
improve libm entry
mention build improvement of ctools
relocate rtld change
mention DT_RUNPATH for new compiler
rpcgen fix
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more items
base tools
Start of 4.2 release page
Add warning for AUTODEEP and disk lockups.
Change release link to 4.0.6
Update release notes for 4.0.6
Oops, section header too
4.0.6 note
Note on clearing make.conf
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Added the latest version of the HAMMER2 design document which was not present before.
strike the whole X window page out
Remove Schlundtech from the official mirror list on request (mirror is gone)
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Update bullet-proof text with new information about pkg(8) v1.5.1