DragonFly BSD


Commercial DragonFly vendors

Any commercial site selling DragonFly related material can be listed in this section.
Organization Access methods
BSD-Systems.co.uk offers high quality Open Source Operating Systems available for purchase on CD, and will ship to UK or international addresses.
Lehmanns is a bookshop located in Germany, offering various BSD and Linux distributions. Their FreeBSD DVDs also contain the latest version of DragonFly BSD, which can be started straight from the boot menu of the DVD.
Linux Distro UK is an online supplier of Open Source software, we distribute across the UK and Worldwide, with distros starting at £3.00 + shipping. We run monthly offers of 25% off a range of distros. http://linux-distro.co.uk
Tetrad Digital Integrity
TDI is an information assurance company in the Washington DC area, which can provide consulting services for deploying DragonFly BSD in all areas of enterprise use - desktop, server and infrastructure (router/firewall etc)
Zefyris is a specialist IT company located in the Paris area, France, which can provide pre-installed or validated hardware for use with DragonFly BSD and consulting services in most areas of enterprise use, with a focus on back-office and storage systems.
dfly at zefyris.com
BackWatcher, Inc.
While specialising in security, BackWatcher handles installation and configuration, systems integration, performance tuning, disaster recovery, network architecture, programming and general system administration of DragonFly BSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Linux and many commercial UNIX flavors.
info@backwatcher.com +1-425-584-UNIX (US)
+1-778-819-UNIX (CA)